Directory of Black Owned
Businesses & Organizations


Can you be the caretakers of your community?

Absolutely! Especially at your local neighborhood level. We need to come together and collectively organize economically for the survival of Black people, our people. We use to say, “I’m Black and I’m proud,” and we MEANT it. Do we still feel that way today? Are we supporting our brothers and sisters in every way we can? For example, by joining our block clubs or community organizations? Are we supporting the Black organizations and Black businesses in our neighborhood/ community?

Spending your dollars with Black businesses will be, us lifting us up economically and socially. This makes it easier for us to come together and organize as a people to defend our families, our communities and take back control of our schools and our lives from outside forces. Actually doing what all other ethnic people are doing.

You say you to want to spend your money with folk who look like you, but, I don’t know who the Black businesses are in my neighborhood/community, where they are located or what they sell?

Listen up Black Business Owners and Black Organizations. Do you want our business? The business our people are taking to others? I think you do. But, you need to let us know;

  • Who you are? What your name is?
  • What your business name is?
  • Where are you located?
  • What is your address? And,
  • What do you sell?

As Black business owners and entrepreneurs ourselves, we know you did not start out to fail. In fact, you may be very successful. But failure is still an option when your neighbors go to the mall to acquire the same goods and services you provide. They do this because they don’t know you are right around the corner or a block or two over from where they are – waiting to serve them.


We are a web based Directory, an Internet advertising and marketing company. We have developed our Internet platform to exclusively publicize and support local Black-owned businesses and organizations. We strive to provide Black-owned businesses and organizations with an opportunity to advertise their businesses, spend money with other Black businesses and promote cooperative economics through internet advertising. We will work to increase your earning opportunities by assisting you to increase your customer base and the recycling the flow of revenue within our communities.

Our company, unlike other Black business directories will manage each advertiser personally which means we will strive to get as much traffic to your advertisement, listing, and website as possible. The Directory offers an affordable internet advertising presence, primarily geared toward small and medium size Black-owned businesses and organizations. However, no matter your size, we will work to make your business more prosperous than it currently is.


Our website is designed specifically to publicize and support local Black-owned businesses and organizations both locally and nationally. We provide you with the opportunity to advertise, share resources, create jobs and promote cooperative economics by increasing and recycling the flow of revenue within our communities. Your advertisement will be accessible on the World Wide Web, seen on Social Media on TV and heard on the radio. In addition, 5% of all revenue will be set aside to fund a grade school in Liberia West Africa, support a local hospital and to start a farming economy. (www.africandevelopmentgroup.org). All of which you will be associated as supporters.


The Directory affords Black consumers options for obtaining free information about Black-owned businesses and organizations in their communities through all their electronic devices, PC, tablet, Smart phones and laptops. The Directory will insistently encourage the community to support its advertisers using the same media outlets it uses to promote its business.

Direct Pay Referral Program

The Direct Pay Referral Program will assist us in rapidly expanding the directory’s footprint in the marketplace The Referral Program will give back twenty percent (20%) to anyone: business or individual for every paid advertiser referred to the Directory. Any number of referrals may be made. Each referral will receive the 20% directly. Business owners may use this additional revenue to hire employees, improve their business image or for business expansion. Individuals may use the extra money to spend with our Directory advertisers.


Advertising in the Directory does not require that you spend a lot of money. You may list your business on our website for as low as $19.95, because we want to help you succeed, grow and be prosperous. Regardless of your business category or organization we are confident we can help increase your effectiveness while contributing to the empowerment of our communities.