Accounting Options

Once you have your business running, keeping track of your profits and expenditures is important. That’s why it is useful to get some sort of accounting software/service such as QuickBooks. Here are some key features:

  • Allows you to keep track of profits in several ways depending on your business setup:
    • You can manually enter profits directly
    • You may be able to sync website sales to post in QuickBooks automatically
    • If you issue invoices directly from QuickBooks, these are too automatically logged
  • Allows you to link to bank accounts to keep track of all transactions
  • Allows you to upload receipts from the mobile app
  • Allows you to issue estimates and invoices
  • Allows you to setup recurring payments/invoices
  • Allows you to quickly generate reports (i.e. profit and loss) and filter as needed. This comes in handy during tax time.
  • Many more…

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