Establishing and Managing Social Media Profiles

Nowadays, people look to social media to connect with a company; whereas companies use social media as a way to stay in touch with customers.  Therefore, these become great advertising tools and below are several tips on this topic:

  • Getting a social media business page started:
    • Facebook: To create a Facebook page for your business you must have a personal profile as business pages are associated with your personal page.  Therefore, you would log into your personal Facebook page and follow these prompts to create the page:
    • Instagram: You can go directly to Instagram’s website and sign up for a new account under your business name; however, once done you should be sure to convert it to a business profile via these steps:
    • Twitter: You can go directly to Twitter’s home page and sign up for a new account under your business name.
    • LinkedIn:  You will also need a personal LinkedIn page prior to creating a business one. You can see the steps for setting this up here:
    • Note: We realize that there are other social media platforms aside from the ones mentioned above, so you can feel free sign up for any that you feel will be valuable to your organization.
  • Posting Tips:
    • Use a social media scheduler such as HootSuite, Sendible, etc. to manage your posts.  These allow you to write posts in advance and schedule them when you want them to go out across your selected social media profiles. These tools also typically come with features for pulling analytics, suggesting content, serving as single point for messages, etc.
    • Post on a regular basis with a mix of posts (i.e. images, videos, advertisements, questions, announcements, promotions, holiday wishes, etc.)
    • Post relevant content with high quality and/or captivating images
    • Use branded and popular hashtags related to the post
    • Try to engage your audience to get them involved

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