Upon signing up as an affiliate, you will have access to the “Affiliate Area” where you can find your affiliate link.  You can use this link to distribute to potential businesses and/or affiliates via email, social media, posting on website, etc.  From there, you can earn money in two ways:

  1. Refer Businesses to DOBOBO: As an affiliate, you will receive a 20% commission (paid via PayPal) for every successful business that signs up with your affiliate link.
  2. Refer Other Affiliates: As an affiliate, you can also refer other affiliates. For each business your affiliates (or your affiliates’ affiliates) successfully refer to DOBOBO, you receive a commission (up to 3 levels deep). For example, if John refers Jane and Jane refers Mike, then the commission structure would be as follows if Mike successfully refers a business:
    • Mike gets 20% commission
    • Jane gets 15% commission (since she referred Mike)
    • John gets 10% commission (since he referred Jane)