Business Listing FAQs

After subscribing when will my listing be shown on the site?2019-08-11T20:15:45-04:00

Upon subscribing, we review each and every business submission.  If there are any questions regarding your requested listing, we will contact you and update information as needed.  From there, we will approve and you will receive an email that your listing is now visible on the site.

Am I autommatically enrolled as an affiliate when submitting a business listing?2019-08-11T20:15:27-04:00

Yes! All business listing accounts are automatically enrolled in our affiliate program.  However, the email that you sign up with will need to have an associated PayPal account or you’ll need to create one afterwards with his email in order to get paid.

How do I cancel my subscritpion?2019-08-11T20:08:27-04:00

Please send an email to info@dobobo.com informing us that you want to cancel your subscription.  In the email, please include your account ID, business name, and reason for cancelling.  From there, we will process the cancellation.

Affiliate Program FAQs

How do affiliate commissions work?2019-08-11T20:22:34-04:00

Upon signing up as an affiliate, you will have access to the “Affiliate Area” where you can find your affiliate link.  You can use this link to distribute to potential businesses and/or affiliates via email, social media, posting on website, etc.  From there, you can earn money in two ways:

  1. Refer Businesses to DOBOBO: As an affiliate, you will receive a 20% commission (paid via PayPal) for every successful business that signs up with your affiliate link.
  2. Refer Other Affiliates: As an affiliate, you can also refer other affiliates. For each business your affiliates (or your affiliates’ affiliates) successfully refer to DOBOBO, you receive a commission (up to 3 levels deep). For example, if John refers Jane and Jane refers Mike, then the commission structure would be as follows if Mike successfully refers a business:
    • Mike gets 20% commission
    • Jane gets 15% commission (since she referred Mike)
    • John gets 10% commission (since he referred Jane)
How am I paid?2019-08-11T20:25:34-04:00

You will be paid throughout the month via PayPal.  With that being said, you will need to ensure that the email you use to sign up for our affiliate program is tied to a valid PayPal account.  If not, you will need to create a PayPal account with the email used to sign up with us.

Do I need an PayPal account?2019-08-11T20:27:45-04:00

Yes.  In order for us to process payments to you, you will need a PayPal account tied to the email used to sign up to our Affiliate program.

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